This was a post on internal communications platform at, aiming to encourage colleagues in Tech&Product department to use a new version of Experiment Tool — ET. The tone of voice reflects departamental culture at the time. The original included links to internal tools.

Join 357 colleagues using THE FUTURE ET!

We have a shiny, fast and pretty search experience (and dashboard!) in ET for a couple of months already. 357 people are already using it now, and time is coming to make it default for everyone! Actually, it will come on Monday, November, 18th.

Why should you switch to the new search experience? It is 8 (eight!) times faster than the old one: 0,55 seconds vs 4,62 seconds for average loading time. Is it not enough? Well, you can also search for both “traditional” experiments (aka A/B, aka randomised controlled trials) and synthetic control experiments (previously known as “experiments from YAET”) in the same interface. It’s magic! Try it out now and give us feedback — we’ll do our best to address your concerns before forcing the future onto you.

Some reviews:

  • New search can make the Kessel Run in less than ten (10!) parsecs! - Han Solo
  • Even I cannot outrun it! - Usain Bolt
  • Huwaa muaa mumwa? — Chewie